• We're here to help your nonprofit be red hot!
    We're here to help your nonprofit be red hot!
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I’m on fire baby, but don’t put me out!

At New Era, we believe that “nonprofit” is a tax status, not a business model. We believe that the nonprofit sector is where the rubber meets the road. That the sector ensures a quality of life for all of us that would otherwise not be possible. That nonprofits are where lives are touched & changed in meaningful & powerful ways.

We’ve had the honor of partnering with more than 200 agencies to raise more money, build stronger & more dynamic boards, chart a course for an exciting future & brag about the great work they’re doing.

We want you to be unstoppable. To sparkle & shine. To fulfill your mission like nobody’s business. To set the world on fire! If you want to learn more about all that New Era offers, watch the video to your left!







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We’re nonprofit problem solvers.

With more than 27 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, we understand what you’re up against.

Our experience & know-how allow us to parachute into your organization, quickly get a lay of the land & get to work. Call us today to discuss whatever challenge you’re facing.

We’ll be here, ready to listen.

We know you’re busy. Super busy!

We’ve designed our online learning with your schedule in mind, breaking down our webinars into 15-20 minute “grab ‘n go” learning segments so you can ignite your skills on the fly, at a time that works for you. Our webinars are informative & fun. The skills you learn & ideas we’ll share will spark your passion & help you sizzle on the job.

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We share tons of information, advice & insights with our peeps through our blogs & e-blasts. Why do we give so much away for free? Because we want you to go out there & kick some a$$, regardless of whether you hire or buy from us. We share our experience to help strengthen the sector so that collectively, we can help as many people as possible. (After all, isn’t that why we got into this business in the first place?)

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  • From deficit to surplus in under one year!
    From deficit to surplus in under one year!
    After working with Sarah for only 9 months, our agency is finally out of deficit mode -- in fact, last year (2013), we had a $113,000 surplus! And this is just the beginning -- we are working with Sarah on a strategic plan, which we know will have a huge impact. Sarah's not just a consultant, she's a valued partner who's invested in our success. She openly shares all the knowledge and experience she has gained over her career to help us get stronger. It's been a privilege to work with her and I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship!
    -- Janelle Wilson Executive Director, Jeremiah's Inn


Take Advantage of Our Expertise!





Love at First Sight



We loved our experience with Sarah! She was engaging from the start. She helped us rethink and reshape our entire communications program — from our website to our brand to our communications calendar — and took tasks that are usually dull and boring and infused new life into them. For example, with Sarah’s guidance, we were able to re-write our mission statement in one hour! As a result of this work, we’re attracting more people and more money to our cause.

–Lee Schlesinger
Executive Director, Safe Haven



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