We’ve noticed that nonprofits are lousy about bragging about the amazing work they’re doing!

Yet if people don’t know about you, how will they:

…Access your services?
…Make a donation?
…Join your board?
…Otherwise support your cause?
We know that most nonprofits do not have the staff – let alone the time – to manage complicated marketing programs. Or that sometimes, marketing staff and development staff are at odds with one another.

We’re here to help you develop simple, straightforward ways to get the word out about the transformative work you are doing in the world, on a regular basis, without it costing you an arm & a leg!

We can help you with:

  • Communications, marketing & social media strategies & plans
  • Newsletters, annual reports & other collateral materials
  • Social media
  • Message Marketing
  • Rebranding

Through our new partnership with Future Focus Media, we can also help you with:

  • Video production
  • Websites
  • Graphic design, and
  • Photography

In today’s fast-paced, visually-oriented market, it’s important to have an active presence on line!

Did you know that 3/4 of all donations start on line?
And that when someone lands on your website, if they can’t find the information they’re looking for in 3 seconds, they’ll “bounce”?

What is YOUR online presence like?

Robust communications programs help you reach new audiences, inspire donations, attract volunteers & board members & help people see the work you’re doing in real time & full color. To enlist our help with your marketing & communications program today, click below!



“Love at First Sight”

We loved our experience with Sarah! She was engaging from the start. She helped us rethink and reshape our entire communications program — from our website to our brand to our communications calendar — and took tasks that are usually dull and boring and infused new life into them. For example, with Sarah’s guidance, we were able to re-write our mission statement in one hour! As a result of this work, we’re attracting more people and more money to our cause.

–Lee Schlesinger
Executive Director, Safe Haven

Are you ready to turn up the heat?

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