Without a plan, you’re unlikely to reach your destination.

Strategic plans give you clarity of purpose & ensures that everyone in your organization is working to achieve the same goals.

A strategic planning process enables an organization to:

  • Respond to opportunities & stakeholder feedback
  • Identify its strengths & growing edges
  • Chart a plan for growth
  • Integrate best practices across the organization
  • Create a higher level of organizational synergy (in other words, eveyone is rowing the boat in the same direction!)

We use a three-part planning approach that engages board, staff & stakeholders in the process & results in the creation of detailed & realistic work plans that enable organization to move directly into implementation.

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Strategic Planning Rescue Unit

If you’ve recently been through a strategic planning process but are unsure how to move into implementation, New Era can help you identify & prioritize the specific goals & steps you need to take to bring the organization to the next level. We’ll provide the technical assistance, support & coaching you need to move from confusion to clarity.




“From deficit to surplus in under one year!”

After working with Sarah for only 9 months, our agency is finally out of deficit mode — in fact, last year (2013), we had a $113,00 surplus! And this is just the beginning — we are working with Sarah on a strategic plan, which we know will have a huge impact. Sarah’s not just a consultant, she’s a valued partner who’s invested in our success. She openly shares all the knowledge and experience she has gained over her career to help us get stronger. It’s been a privilege to work with her and I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship!

–Janelle Wilson
Executive Director, Jeremiah’s Inn



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