Building Better Boards


Are you ready for a Better Board?

Did you know that in study after study, Executive Directors and Directors of Development cite poor board performance as one of the top 3 challenges they face? If you’ve ever worked with a board, you know what I’m talking about!

Did you know that in study after study, board members report liking meetings least among their duties? If you’ve ever sat on a board, you know why!

Clearly, something needs to change!

An engaged, active board can help you fulfill your mission in new – and sometimes surprising – ways. But most board members are neither.

But before we start blaming board members for their unwillingness to help, there are two key questions we need to ask ourselves:
1) Have we asked board members to help in specific and concrete ways? Most of us need some direction when it comes to volunteering.

2) Can they help? If the answer is “no,” then is it an issue of capacity? Confidence? Or (as most of us assume) a lack of willingness? Many times, board members want to contribute, but are not getting the guidance, training or support they need to do so.

Remember – most board members are doing their best to be helpful. If a board member is not active or engaged, it’s time to get to know them, to ask them what kind of contribution would be meaningful and feasible for them to make (I’m not just talking money here – board members have lots of gifts they can bring to the party!). Then we need to plug them in.

If you’re ready to help your board sizzle, take advantage of our new online training, Building Better Boards! In this training, you’ll learn a new way to build and run your board in a way that enhances their ability to contribute to the mission and the work of the organization.

This online training will help you:
1) Gain an understanding of the common challenges faced when working with boards
2) Learn at least 3 strategies for improving board performance
3)Discover new ways to structure boards and meetings

Along with the training video, we’ll provide you with two of the tools we use to help our clients Build Better Boards. We’ll also share a case study with you about a board which was on life support when we arrived on the scene but is now vibrant and active.

All this scorching hot content for $97!

What’s possible when you’ve Built a Better Board?
•You can fulfill your mission more effectively.
•You can expand your reach and impact.
•You have more people to help you get things done.
•You have a team of people who can take on special projects.

The Building Better Boards content will be delivered to you as downloadable files. Once you purchase them, they’re yours to keep! You can view the online training and case study as many times as you like and share it — and the tools we’ve shared with you — to strengthen and enhance the board’s performance (we ask, however, that you not share it with people outside your organization)!

Our mission here at New Era is to help you get more, so you can do more.

We’ve had the honor of partnering with more than 200 of your peers to raise more money, build stronger & more dynamic boards, chart a course for an exciting future, & brag about the important work they’re doing.

We want your organization to burn brighter than ever before.
We want you to be unstoppable.
To sparkle & shine.
To fulfill your mission like nobody’s business.
To set the world on fire!

If you’re ready to have your board live up to their potential,

Purchase Building Better Boards today!

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