Boosting Year-end Revenue


Want to Maximize Your Year-End Revenue?

You may know that more than 75% of charitable contributions in the US are made by people.

But did you know that 1/3 of annual giving happens in December?

And that 12% of it happens on the final three days of the year?

Do you have a plan to literally cash in on the giving spirit?


Last year, Giving Tuesday resulted in $116.7M in gifts.

This year, Giving Tuesday falls on November 29th.

Are you ready to leverage this national event to your advantage?


If you’ve already hit your fundraising goals for 2016 – congratulations! Woot!

But if you’re like most of us, you’re:

  • Struggling to increase contributions from individuals.
  • Worried about meeting your year-end fundraising goals.
  • Don’t have a detailed plan that will help you really take advantage of the giving season.
  • Uncertain about how to leverage your website, social media, and Giving Tuesday to your advantage.

Good news – we’re here to help!

In our new online training, Boosting Year-End Revenue, you’ll learn:

  • The facts about year-end and individual giving
  • Tips for creating a compelling appeal
  • Website and social media strategies that will help capture donor attention – and dollars!
  • How to use Giving Tuesday effectively, and
  • Other tips to help you maximize year-end revenue.

This online training will come with a bonus PPT presentation on how to write a press release, a tip sheet on creating videos, a year-end campaign planning template, and a private, 15-minute consultation with Sarah Lange — Founder of New Era, who has raised more than $73M for more than 200 nonprofits — to review your appeal or discuss your year-end giving plan!

All this juicy goodness for $67!

The Boosting Year-End Revenue training and bonus content will provide you with the knowledge, tips and tools you need to plan an effective, year-end fundraising campaign.

The Boosting Year-End Toolkit will be delivered to you as downloadable files. Once you purchase the training, the materials are yours to keep! You can watch the training video at your own pace and view it as many times as you’d like. The year-end campaign planning guide will help you move easily into implementation. The consultation with Sarah will provide you with confidence that you’re on the right track.

If you’re ready to become a year-end revenue ninja, get Boosting Year-end Revenue today!

Our mission here at New Era is to help you get more, so you can do more.

What’s possible when you’re raising more money?

  • You can fulfill your mission more effectively.
  • You can help more people, make a bigger impact.
  • You experience less stress; your workday is less frantic.
  • You have more time to truly connect with your donors.

We’ve had the honor of partnering with more than 200 of your peers to raise more money $73M and counting!), build stronger & more dynamic boards, chart a course for an exciting future & brag about the important work they’re doing.

We’d like to partner with you, too!

We want your organization to burn brighter than ever before.

We want you to be unstoppable.

To sparkle & shine.

To fulfill your mission like nobody’s business.

To set the world on fire!


Remember: a strong, well-planned, well-executed year-end campaign designed to help you maximize your year-end contributions.

December 31 will be here in about 120 days. Don’t wait until it’s too late — the time to plan is NOW!

If you’re ready to set your year-end fundraising ablaze, get Boosting Year-end Revenue today!

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