Are you ready to raise more money?

Dollars from Donors can help you do just that!

In the world of nonprofit development, we know that it’s easy to feel like you’re running in place.

We know from experience that it can be a struggle to make budget every year and to cover all those expenses that foundations and contract providers don’t want to pay for – ya know, that stuff they call “overhead.”

And it’s not getting any easier.
–With the recent dip in the stock market, foundations will have fewer funds to distribute this spring.
–And government funding isn’t likely to increase any time soon.

Never has it been more important to turn up the heat in your individual donor program!

Did you know that 80% of all donations made in the United States come from individuals?

Yes, you read that right!
Not the government.
Not corporations.
Not foundations.


In our new training, DOLLARS FROM DONORS, you’ll learn about the strategies fundraisers use to secure individual donations – including appeals, major donor work and events.

You’ll find out what it means to be a donor-centric organization, about the Giving Cycle and the Giving Ladder, the Art of the Ask and how to provide good stewardship.

We’ll provide you with a new and different way to think about your individual donor program and share some of the tactics we’ve used to help our clients succeed.

To top it off, you’ll get a one-on-one session with Sarah Lange, Principal & Founder of New Era, who has raised more than $72M for over 200 of your peers. During your session, she’ll work with you to address your specific fundraising challenges.

All this juicy goodness for only $67!

DOLLARS FROM DONORS will not only help you make your individual donor program sizzle, it will forever change the way you think about fundraising.

In this 30-minute, information-packed training, you’ll discover:
–The top 3 reasons nonprofits struggle to make ends meet, and
–What “donor-centered philanthropy” means, what motivates donors to give and why good stewardship is essential to donor retention.

The DOLLARS FROM DONORS content will be delivered to you as a downloadable file. Once you purchase it, it’s yours to keep!

Because it’s pre-recorded, you can watch it at your own pace and view it as many times as you’d like.

If you’re ready to fire up your individual fundraising program, get DOLLARS FROM DONORS today!

Our mission here at New Era is to help you raise more, so you can do more.

What’s possible when you’re raising more money?
–You can fulfill your mission more effectively.
–You can help more people, have a bigger impact.
–You experience less stress; your workday is less frantic.
–You have more time to truly connect with your donors, who want to hear the amazing stories you have to share and might have some of their own.

We’ve had the honor of partnering with more than 200 of your peers to raise more money, build stronger & more dynamic boards, chart a course for an exciting future & brag about the important work they’re doing.

Now, we’d like to partner with you!

We want your organization to burn brighter than ever before.

We want you to be unstoppable. To sparkle & shine. To fulfill your mission like nobody’s business. To set the world on fire!

If you’re ready to set your individual donor program on fire, then get DOLLARS FROM DONORS today!

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You Don’t Have to Take it From Us!

Here are just a handful of the hundreds of comments we’ve collected about our workshops & webinars in the past few years:

“She Blew. My. Mind. I will never think about fundraising the same way!” (David G.)

“Sarah talked about BIG ideas, but then told us practical, straight-forward ways to improve our fundraising.” (Jeanette A.)

“Sarah is so down to earth! You can tell that she genuinely loves the nonprofit sector. She is generous with her time & knowledge.” (Maria S.)

“I learned more about fundraising than I knew there was to know!” (Jeff K.)

“Sarah’s webinars were stock full of valuable tips & real-world advice. I can’t wait to implement everything I’ve learned.” (Annie G.)

Stay tuned! Each month, we’ll be creating new material — a one-hour webinar, 3-part or 6-module course or an e-book — designed to help you ignite your skills. If you sign up for our weekly email blast, you’ll be the first to know when we’re offering something new!


Sarah is Dynamic & Knowledgeable!

We brought in Sarah as a speaker for our annual national conference because she is a dynamic presenter with a wealth of knowledge of & experience in fundraising. What’s different about Sarah is that she has the ability to captivate any audience & explain things in a digestible, down-to-earth manner. We know that workshop participants leave feeling better prepared to seek dollars from donors!
Lakeya Cherry
Executive Director, Network for Social Work Management


Sarah’s Workshops were a Huge Hit!

We asked Sarah to deliver two workshops at our 2014 state-wide conference — which drew 525 nonprofits — because of her track record & because of her knowledge that spans the arena of fundraising, leadership, human resources & more. Both of Sarah’s workshops were a huge hit!

Sarah always jam packs her workshops with valuable information that someone can apply to their own jobs today. There are take-a-ways from every workshop Sarah presents. If asked to present, Sarah learns about the audience and customizes her message for the attendees.

Karen Maciorowski
Chief Operating & Financial Officer, CT Association of Nonprofits

Are you ready to turn up the heat?

Each week, we share our know-how, expertise and advice with you so you can fire up your performance — not just as a staff person, but as an organization. When you raise more money, you can help more people & make a bigger impact on the world (and isn’t that why we’re here?). Sign up today and receive our free e-book, Planning Special Events that Succeed!