Love Thy Donor: Donor Retention in an Era of Dwindling Loyalty


We’re in the midst of what is arguably the busiest time of year for fundraising.

Many of us are in the process of sending out appeal letters and/or newsletters, hosting events, and gearing up to help make the holiday season happier for those who are less fortunate.


It’s a busy time for donors, too!

Did you know that more than 1/3 of all annual giving takes place in December – and 12% of that takes place during the last 3 days of the year?

Individual donations provide us with the unrestricted revenue we need to fill the holes in our budgets and deliver important services to the people who turn to us for help.

Yet donor retention is a HUGE problem in the nonprofit sector!

Here are a few scary facts:

  • We can expect to lose up to 50% of our donors between their 1st and 2nd gift!
  • We can expect an annual attrition rate of up to 30% among donors who make more than one gift!

There is nothing more frustrating than going to all that work to secure a donation, only to have a donor drop us like a hot rock! It’s so disheartening!

There are three primary reasons our donors are dumping us:

  1. We tend to focus on donor acquisition at the expense of retention.
  2. We generally treat donations as transactions, rather than as an extension of a relationship.
  3. Most of us fail to invest the required time and energy in a good donor relations program – in other words, we fail to provide good stewardship, to both donors and their money.

When you look at the attrition rates, you can see that the scale of lost opportunity is huge.

It’s costing us money — and , let’s face it — most of us we need every dollar we can get!


The good news? There is plenty we can do about it!

We’re here to show you how to drastically reduce your donor attrition rate.

In or new online training — called Love Thy Donor: Donor Retention in an Era of Dwindling Loyalty – we will teach you:

  • Why your individual donor program matters
  • The facts about donors and retention
  • The economics and drivers of loyalty
  • How to keep your donors around

The training will also include a brand new New Era video, featuring 5 philanthropists who will tell you what has and hasn’t worked for them in terms of solicitation, cultivation and retention!

All this juicy goodness for $67!

The Love Thy Donor training and bonus content will provide you with the knowledge and tips you need to create, strengthen or expand your donor stewardship and retention program.

The Love Thy Donor package will be delivered as downloadable files. Once you purchase the training, the materials are yours to keep! You can watch the training video and Donor Do’s and Don’ts video at your own pace and view them as many times as you’d like.

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Our mission here at New Era is to help you get more, so you can do more.

What’s possible when you’re raising more money?

  • You can fulfill your mission more effectively.
  • You can help more people, make a bigger impact.
  • You experience less stress; your workday is less frantic.
  • You have more time to truly connect with your donors.

We’ve had the honor of partnering with more than 200 of your peers to raise more money, build stronger & more dynamic boards, chart a course for an exciting future & brag about the important work they’re doing.

We’d like to partner with you, too!

We want your organization to burn brighter than ever before.

We want you to be unstoppable.

To sparkle & shine.

To fulfill your mission like nobody’s business.

To set the world on fire!


Remember: if we want to keep our donors, we need to invest time and energy in a robust stewardship and retention program!

If you’re tired of losing a chunk of your donors each year, get Love Thy Donor by clicking here:

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