Writing Great Grants


Are you Ready to Write Great Grants?

The world of grant writing is changing:
• We are being asked to jump through more hoops, such as quizzes and Letters of Intent/Inquiry, which can drag out the application (and therefore funding) process.
• There’s a movement toward briefer and online proposals, which means we need to demonstrate the need, flesh out our strategy and demonstrate our success briefly and concisely.
• We need to show funders that we’ve got a strong base of local support, a diversified funding base, and a sustainability plan.

The industry rejection rate is now above 50%, although no one’s quite sure how high it’s crept.

Yet grants are still the 2nd most effective fundraising strategy in terms of your ROI (Return On Investment).

What’s a grant writer to do? Write better, stronger grant applications!

If you want to start, strengthen or expand your grant writing program, you’re in luck – we’re launching a new online training – Writing Great Grants – on Thursday, July 7!
In this training, we’ll teach you:
• Grants lingo
• Where to get money and how to find it
• How to write a compelling grant
• Tips for improving your chances of getting funded

We’ll also give you bonus resources and tips to help strengthen your writing!

This training comes with a 30-minute, 1-1 session with me – Sarah Lange – the Founder of New Era. I’ve been writing grants since 1989 and have raised more than $73M for nonprofits, much of it by writing grants. At present, we’re bringing in nearly $400,000/year for one client, and just over $100,000 for three more. Let us help you raise six figures, too!

And, because we messed up and are launching this course several weeks later than promised (oops!), we’re including TWO ADDITIONAL BONUSES – a tip sheet on Writing a Powerful Needs Statement and a Sample Needs Statement, written for one of our former clients!

This training and your 1-1 session will give you the tools you need to take your grant writing to the next level!

All of this juicy goodness is yours for the low, introductory price of $127!

The Writing Great Grants content will be delivered to you as downloadable files. Once you purchase the package, it’s yours to keep. You can view the online training as many times as you like. When you’re ready, you can use your 30-minute 1-1 session with me to review one of your grants. To register, click here (turn into link)!

Here’s the link to the package: https://sowl.co/ApqvY

Our mission here at New Era is to help you get more, so you can do more.

We want your organization to burn brighter than ever before.
We want you to be unstoppable.
To sparkle and shine.
To fulfill your mission like nobody’s business.
To set the world on fire!

If you’re ready to start, strengthen or expand your grant writing program,

Purchase Writing Great Grants today!

Questions? Feel free to get in touch: sarah@newera4nonprofits.com

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