Program Evaluation for Nonprofits




If those terms sound like gobbeldy-gook or make you feel like your head’s about to explode, you’re not alone!

Pretty much every nonprofit professional I know freaks out about evaluation.
And that’s totally understandable, because most of us don’t have a background in evaluation!

Most of us have no idea what we’re supposed to measure. It can be difficult, because so much of the work we do is ethereal. Or we’re planting seeds that may not sprout ‘til later.

How do you measure the impact that lovely Brahms piece had on your audience? Or the difference your after-school tutoring program had on the long-term educational outcomes for the kids who attended?

Even if do know what to measure, we’re often not sure how to measure it, or how often.

On top of this, most of us can’t afford to hire a staff person to handle evaluation. So even if we do know what to measure, how and how often to measure it, who’s going to collect, enter, collate, analyze and report all this data???

And data? Eegads, could we talk about something duller?!

It’s enough to make a nonprofit staffer cry!

Wait! Before you get out the tissues…

Let’s take a minute to understand why evaluation matters.
And yes, one of the reasons is because funders are requiring it! However, there are other good reasons.

Evaluation matters because it helps you:
*Discover what you’re doing right, and that feels pretty good
*Identify any weak spots or unintended consequences so you can fix them right away
*Invest limited resources wisely
*Provides consumers with a voice

So perhaps now you’re convinced that evaluation is important, or resigned to the fact that it’s here to stay… but that still doesn’t help you solve your evaluation conundrum…

That’s where WE come in!
We’re here to make evaluation less complicated and painful with our new online training, Program Evaluation for Nonprofits.

Using the strategies we’ll teach you, you’ll be able to get started with or strengthen your evaluation efforts.

This training session will help you set up an evaluation system so that you can demonstrate your funders, donors and fans that you’re making a difference in the world and having an impact on the issue and the people about whom they care deeply. Research shows that when donors are provided with evidence that their gifts are making a difference, they’re more likely to give again and to give at higher levels. In other words, data sparks donations! (And who doesn’t want more money?!)

This online training will:
•Teach you a framework for evaluation
•Provide tips on setting up your evaluation system
•Share examples of evaluation in action
•Provide you with additional resources to explore

We’ll also share a case study with you and provide you with two free sample evaluation tools.

All this scorching hot content for $97!

As with all of our Nonprofit U training, the Program Evaluation for Nonprofits content will be delivered as downloadable files. Once you purchase them, they’re yours to keep. You can view the online training as many times as you like and use the case study and sample surveys as guides as you start to construct your evaluation system.

We want your organization to burn brighter than ever before.
We want you to be unstoppable.
To sparkle & shine.
To fulfill your mission like nobody’s business.
To set the world on fire!
Evaluation can help you accomplish all of that.

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