The Philanthropy Playground


Welcome to the Philanthropy Playground, a source of inspiration and connection! The goal of the playground is to highlight the great work that nonprofit organizations are doing and to provide people interested in making the world a better place with a way to get involved — through donating, volunteering, educating, advocating, etc.

The Playground will feature profiles of nonprofit organizations, photos, interviews, videos, blogs, podcasts and other media to highlight the work being done by nonprofit organizations, nonprofit pioneers, donors, volunteers and other change-makers, as well as other initiatives aimed at making the world a better place!

The Playground will eventually have a its own website — with satellite playgrounds on various social media channels — but for now, it’ll live here on the New Era site.

We want the playground to be a dynamic, interactive and diverse place. If you’d like to nominate a nonprofit organization, nonprofit leader, donor, volunteer, or change-maker, or know of other exciting initiatives aimed at improving the world, get in touch — we’d love to hear from you!

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